When it was announced that Chris Rock would be the lead actor of Noah Hawley’s highly-anticipated fourth season of “Fargo,” many fans were confused. Surely, he’s not talking about the same Chris Rock from stand-up and starring in the “Grown Ups” franchise, right? Well, even though Hawley was talking about that very person, Rock himself was just as confused when he answered the call from the Emmy-winning creator.

And in a new interview with EW, Chris Rock explained that the idea of him starring in such a respected, acclaimed series such as “Fargo” was hardly a thought he ever entertained.

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“I thought [Hawley] wanted me to host his kid’s Sweet 16, or the auction for his wife’s charity or something,” Rock explained, describing his thought when the “Fargo” creator gave him a call. “When I got there he mentioned ‘Fargo’ and told me about the character and I’m like, ‘I’m in.’ He didn’t have a script yet. I just kind of agreed.”

In Season 4, Rock plays crime lord Loy Cannon, in a story that takes place in 1950s Kansas City and features a war between rival gangs. Basically, not the type of thing you’d immediately think of when you picture a series starring Chris Rock.

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And when the comedian is asked about what he’ll be working on next, after he finishes “Fargo,” he doesn’t talk about any future roles. Instead, Rock opened up about how special this FX series is for him and his legacy.

“This is the best part I’ve ever done and, honestly, probably the best part I’ll ever have,” said Rock. “That’s how it works. Morgan Freeman is in ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ He’s amazing. He’s made a kazillion dollars since then. He never got a part that good again.”

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He continued, “When you get these great parts you have to make the most of them. Naive people will tell you, ‘There’s always tomorrow and you’ll always get another chance.’ The smart people will tell you, ‘You probably get three chances at anything in life, and you’ll probably be busy for the first two chances. When you get that third one you better be fucking ready.”

Even though Rock doesn’t talk about what’s next for him, we already know what that is. He’s set to star in the upcoming reboot-quel for the “Saw” franchise, titled “Spiral,” which is going to be released in theaters on May 15. But before then, you can catch the premiere of “Fargo” Season 4 on April 19.