David Chase Is “Not That Anxious” To Do Another ‘Sopranos’ Series But Has An Idea For Another Prequel Film

It was just over a week ago when it was being reported that HBO was developing a new prequel series for “The Sopranos” created by David Chase. This comes after the (apparently) successful launch of “The Many Saints of Newark” on HBO Max. (The film did pretty badly at the box office.) But according to Chase, the series isn’t gonna happen, despite what HBO wants. Instead, he has another idea in mind.

Speaking to THR, ‘Sopranos’ creator David Chase talked about the desire from HBO for the writer to make a new prequel series for the mafia franchise. But that’s just not something Chase is interested in doing.

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“Well, of course, the movie didn’t do well in theaters, but it, like, broke the machine on streaming — it was huge,” said Chase. “So now they want me to do another series of ‘Sopranos’ from the time the movie ends until the time the series begins.”

He added, “I’m not that anxious to do it.”

When asked if he’s really not interested in doing another ‘Sopranos’ TV series, Chase reiterated that and explained what he would rather work on instead.

“No. I would do one more movie,” he said. “Yeah. Because I have an idea for that that I’d like to do. But I don’t think they want that.”

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So, judging by his comments, it’s clear HBO and David Chase seem to have different ideas about what should happen with the ‘Sopranos’ franchise moving ahead. With streamers like HBO Max wanting series content because it allows subscribers to spend more time on the platform, it’s obvious why a prequel series would be preferable for the studio. But would WarnerMedia do it without David Chase being fully onboard? We’d have to wait and see.