Director John Carney Apologizes For Comments About Keira Knightley

If you’re just getting back from Memorial Day weekend, there might’ve been a scandal you missed, and we’re not talking about the one currently swirling around Johnny Depp. Director John Carney inadvertently grabbed his own headlines, when during an interview for “Sing Street,” the took the time to specifically take Keira Knightley to task for the failures of his previous picture “Begin Again.” It was petty and unprofessional on behalf of the director, who didn’t come out of things looking too good, while other filmmakers like Mark Romanek, Lorene Scafaria and Lynn Shelton rose to Knightley’s defence. Well, Carney has seen the error of his ways.

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The director hit Twitter to publicly apologize, completely changing his tune about what it was like to work with Knightley. No mention of her supposed entourage that got in the way, but rather he cites her dedication and professionalism, and notes that he wrote to Knightley separately to apologize as well. So, consider Keira-gate officially over. Read Carney’s apology below.