Quibi is upon us. The “quick bites” model is here for consumption. And so far? It’s doing alright, with the app earning a reported 1.7 million downloads in the first week of release. So, now it’s all about the continuous stream of content, which leads us to the new series starring Anna Kendrick, titled “Dummy.”

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Quibi’s description of the series reads:

“An aspiring writer (Anna Kendrick) befriends her boyfriend’s sex doll and the two take on the world together.”

Obviously, that’s one of the more strange sentences you’re likely to read today. And as seen in the trailer, the description of “Dummy” is apt, but also doesn’t begin to cover the weirdness. Sure, Kendrick’s character befriends a sex doll, which is odd in and of itself, but the adventure and hijinks they get involved in is…something else. We’re not sure if it’s hilarious or scary? Interesting or try-hard? Boundary-pushing or cringey? (Specifically, thinking of the very odd joke about a 7-year-old sex doll wanting to intercourse with a 14-year-old boy.)

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Either way, it’s probably worth giving it a shot when it lands on Quibi in less than a week. Joining Kendrick in the series are Donal Logue and Meredith Hagner. “Dummy” is written and created by Cody Heller, who previously worked on series such as “Deadbeat,” “Wilfred,” and “Kidding.” Heller apparently based the story on her real-life experiences with her fiancé, Dan Harmon. Yep, the same Dan Harmon who co-created “Rick & Morty,” as well as “Community.” Honestly, knowing that origin story, comedy fans are almost forced to give the first episode a watch.

“Dummy” hits Quibi on April 20. You can watch the trailer below.