May 10, 2018. That’s the day that the final episode of “Atlanta” Season 2 aired on FX. And therefore, that’s also the day that the last new episode of the Emmy-winning series was released. As you might guess, the delay between Season 2 and the already-announced Season 3 has been longer than your average TV series hiatus. And according to the head of FX, there’s still about a year left before new episodes will hit TV screens.

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Speaking during a TCA panel (via Deadline), FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf spoke honestly about the current status of “Atlanta,” as the series is a fan favorite and one of the most critically-acclaimed of the last several years. While Landgraf confirmed that things are moving along, with the writers working hard on the upcoming season, “Atlanta” won’t be making a comeback anytime soon. But when it does, the next batch of episodes will include more than originally announced.

The FX boss was happy to report that “things went well in the writers’ room,” which led to Donald Glover and Co. asking the network for 10 episodes for Season 3 instead of the previously announced 8. So, as it stands now, the next season will include 10 episodes, while Season 4, which is filming immediately after Season 3, will include 8. But clearly, FX isn’t mad about adding more if the creators need it.

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But when will “Atlanta” fans get to see the upcoming Season 3? Well, unfortunately, it appears that it’s still a year off, with Landgraf saying that he expects the new episodes to premiere in January 2021. The good news, however, is that Season 4 won’t have a huge wait, with those episodes likely coming less than a year later, in fall 2021.

And beyond that? Well, that’s not in FX’s control. As the executive pointed out, the decision about future seasons of the Emmy-winning series falls directly on the lap of Donald Glover.

“As long as (Glover) wants to do more ‘Atlanta,’ we will do more ‘Atlanta,’” Landgraf said.