As someone who is currently reading this website, we’re going to assume that you’re familiar with the work of actor Jonathan Majors. After a breakout role in “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” Majors also recently appeared in “Da 5 Bloods” and is the star of HBO’s massive new series, “Lovecraft Country.” Clearly, he’s an incredible actor that is one of the biggest up-and-coming talents in Hollywood. So, naturally, it didn’t take long for Marvel Studios to snatch him up for a future film.

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According to Deadline, Majors has joined Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in the upcoming ‘Ant-Man’ sequel, still untitled. While there are no details about the plot of ‘Ant-Man 3’ (this is a Marvel Studios film, after all), the report claims that Majors isn’t suiting up as a hero, but instead, the actor will most likely portray Kang the Conquerer, one of the most iconic villains in all of the Marvel Universe.

For those unfamiliar with Marvel lore, Kang is a time-traveling villain that has taken on the Avengers and the assorted heroes of the Marvel Universe time and time again. He’s probably best known for his (very) comic book-y look, with bright colors and physically impossible costume. However, the report seems to hint that Majors is not only going to be featured in “Ant-Man 3,” but also could be used in future films, hinting at a number of possibilities.

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Due to his time-traveling abilities, Kang has been seen in a number of different ways over the decades. His most common form is as a super-villain, obviously. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a version of Kang become a hero known as Iron Lad, a sort of legacy character that is inspired by Tony Stark. So, there’s the possibility that Marvel Studios is looking at Majors as a potential hero in the future. That being said, Kang is also the type of villain that could lead to more appearances in future films and perhaps culminating in a team-up flick, a la ‘Avengers.’ He’s no Thanos, but he has taken on the entirety of the Avengers many times.

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Basically, the options are pretty endless with how Marvel Studios can use Kang. However, one thing is for certain, introducing such a high caliber villain in an ‘Ant-Man’ sequel automatically raises the hype and buzz for the film that many Marvel fans were curious why it even exists, given the hero’s franchise being the lowest box office draw of the two-dozen features. Alas, it appears that Marvel has big things in mind for ‘Ant-Man 3,’ and Majors is a worthy addition to a universe that already has some massive stars.