'Logan' Black & Chrome Edition Might Be Coming

If you’ve been following the marketing campaign for “Logan,” you might’ve noticed that director James Mangold has shown a particular affinity for black-and-white photography. Many of the film’s first look photos were monochrome, and a promo clip for the movie released last month also played out in black-and-white. So, could we be getting the whole movie in grayscale?

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Granted, it’s not much to go on, but a fan recently tweeted Mangold to ask if a black-and-white cut of “Logan” would ever see the light of day, to which the filmmaker replied simply, “Workin’ on it.”

It wouldn’t be an unprecedented movie, as Warner Bros., on their second go-round of releasing “Mad Max: Fury Road” on home video, dropped in George Miller‘s preferred “black and chrome” cut. I can’t say anybody prefers Miller’s version, but it’s an interesting experiment nonetheless, and I guess it would be intriguing to see “Logan” in black-and-white, and would perhaps underscore its bleak aesthetics. But you’re certainly not getting a lesser experience if you watch it in color.

“Logan” opens on Friday. [Screenrant]