Actress/writer/producer Mindy Kaling can now add “shit-stirrer” to her list of titles. The incredibly funny actress has just announced another partnership with streaming service Hulu, who will distribute her new series, which is a remake of the classic rom-com, “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

But it wasn’t the announcement that earns Kaling the brand new title. No, it was her comments about streaming service rivals, Netflix and Amazon. Apparently, Kaling has some hot takes about those two companies and she’s not afraid to unleash.

“Hulu doesn’t just drown you with 12 episodes of a show all at once, and then an Adam Sandler movie every other week,” said Kaling (via The Wrap).

Clearly, that’s a not-so-subtle jab (or roundhouse kick) about Netflix, which is leading the way in terms of the never-ending Streaming Wars. And it’s not like Kaling is off in her assessment. Netflix has been focusing on original content for the last few years and has been steadily releasing new series/movies on an almost weekly basis. While we’re not sure that’s necessarily “drowning,” there is a point where most people end up with a Netflix queue that’s about a football field long.

And as far as the Adam Sandler films, well yeah, she has a point. (Side note: Adam Sander’s film “The Week Of” just premiered on Netflix last weekend, marking his fourth film with the service in just over 2 years.)

But wait, there’s more!

Kaling added, “And Hulu also isn’t an add on to the website where you buy tampons and garden hoses.”

Oh snap! She just went after Jeff Bezos and the folks at Amazon. And again, she has a point. While Amazon has been making waves with their content-creation, winning awards and spending a billion dollars on “Lord of the Rings,” the massive tech company is mainly known for delivering just about anything you want to your front door, including the aforementioned feminine hygiene and yard care products.

Yes, it’s funny that Kaling is clearly taking shots, but at this point, you can’t blame her. Hulu is a distant third in the Streaming Wars, with newcomers like Apple, Disney, and about 1000 other services nipping at their heels.

We’ll see if Netflix and Amazon have any sick burns they’d like to serve up in the coming days.