Phoebe Waller-Bridge is on the cusp of something big. As a writer, producer and actress she already has two critically acclaimed TV series to her credit, “Crashing” and “Fleabag,” and she’s now shooting Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s untitled Han Solo “Star Wars” spinoff.

The British writer and actress crossed the pond for a quick 48-hour Emmy publicity tour for “Fleabag,” the six-episode BBC produced dramedy series that Amazon distributed in the United States. “Fleabag” grew out of a 2013 play Waller-Bridge starred in and centers on a character, also referred to as Fleabag, who is trying to navigate her family and friends after the potentially suicidal death of her good friend and business partner Boo (Jenny Redford). It’s hilarious and moving at the same time and features standout performances by an incredible ensemble including Olivia Colman, Hugh Skinner and Hugh Dennis, among others. It also made a ton of year-end top 10 lists and a growing cult following. (Basically, if you haven’t watched yet you should. It’s 3 hours and it goes by fast).

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Much like the character she plays on “Fleabag,” Waller-Bridge was refreshingly blunt and insanely charming. The Four Quadrant podcast is still in its relative infancy, but I have to admit her participation made this the best episode yet.

Oh, yeah. She has a quick and fun little story from the set of “Han Solo” to share, too.

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