Juliette Binoche Reunites With Claire Denis Again For 'Radioscopie' With Vincent Lindon

While they are giants in the world of French filmmaking and recognized as international talents, it seems strange to think that the first time Juliette Binoche and filmmaker Claire Denis worked together was only in 2017 on “Let The Sunshine In.” They quickly followed that up with “High Life” in 2018 starring Robert Pattinson and perhaps they’re now making up for lost time as Binoche will now star in a third upcoming film from the filmmaker known for “White Material” with Isabelle Huppert, and “Trouble Every Day” with Vincent Gallo among others.

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FranceCulture reports that Denis is plotting a new film called, “Radioscopie,” a story set in the world of French radio, which is set to star Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon. Lindon is also a veteran of the world of Denis, having starred in both “Friday Night” (2002) and “Bastards” (2012).

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The filmmaker herself confirmed she is preparing the film as her next feature. It will shoot in France, and part of the production will take place at famed Radio France headquarters Maison de la Radio in Paris. “Radioscopie” is a daily cultural radio program that was first broadcast in 1968, and clearly, the filmmaker has a love and affection for it.

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“On the radio, there are silences, breathing, hesitation too,” she said. “Sometimes, the answer to the question does not immediately emerge; you have to look for it within yourself. On the radio, you can hear people thinking.”

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While she doesn’t confirm it outright, in the interview, she also speaks at length about working with the U.K. group The Tindersticks, and it sounds like they’re probably going to write the score to “Radioscopie.” Not much of a surprise considering the Tindersticks often score her films, whether the entire group of just singer/musician Stuart A. Staples.

Interestingly enough, the film will be her next production, not “The Stars at Noon” with Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley. According to Deadline, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed that movie. Set in 1984 during the Nicaraguan Revolution, A24 has already bought the picture’s North American rights, which presumably means it’s happening no matter what (hopefully, both actors are still available when it eventually shoots).