'Red Rocket' Trailer: Sean Baker's Latest Follows A Hustler Back To His Hometown On December 3

Between the buzz and acclaim of his last two movies stirred up, Sean Baker‘s latest feature is one of the most anticipated films to debut in the final months of 2021. Both 2015’s “Tangerine” and 2017’s “The Florida Project” were among their respective years’ top films with critics. So, it’s a good bet that “Red Rocket,” hitting theaters in December fresh off its festival circuit, continues that trend.

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“Red Rocket” continues Baker’s ongoing project about America’s most maligned and downtrodden citizens. The film stars Simon Rex as Mikey Saber, a washed-up pornstar who winds up back in his Texas hometown. Will the homecoming hustler be able to stay on the straight and narrow?  

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Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

The audacious new film from writer-director Sean Baker, starring Simon Rex in a magnetic, live-wire performance, Red Rocket is a darkly funny and humane portrait of a uniquely American hustler and a hometown that barely tolerates him.

Alongside Rex, “Red Rocket” also stars Suzanna Son, Bree Elrod, Brenda Deiss, Ethan Darbone, Brittney Rodriguez, and Judy Hill. The film also stars Marlon Lambert, Shih-Ching Tsou, Parker Bigmham, Brandy Kirl, and Dustin “Hitman” Hart.

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“Red Rocket’ had its world premiere in competition for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this July (read our review of it here) before its festival circuit to Telluride, NYFF, London, and others to much critical acclaim. The film brings Baker and his longtime collaborator Chris Bergoch back together. The pair co-wrote the new movie and previously worked together on “Tangerine,” “The Florida Project,” and 2012’s “Starlet.”

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How will “Red Rocket” hold up against Sean Baker’s last two films? Critics are already raving about this one, so expectations are high here. Catch the film when it hits theaters on December 3. Check out the new trailer below.