'The Roads Not Taken' Exclusive Clip: Elle Fanning Has To Care For Javier Bardem In Sally Potter's New Drama

Taking care of an ill parent is incredibly difficult. Making matters even more complicated is when the parent in question is actually suffering from a deep mental illness that no one is specially equipped to handle. That’s the situation facing a young woman in the upcoming film “The Roads Not Taken.”

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With “The Roads Not Taken” prepping for its world premiere at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival, we are happy to offer our readers with an exclusive clip of the film, which is written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Sally Potter. The film tells the story of a young woman, Molly, who has to take care of her ailing father, Leo, who appears to be struggling with a mental illness that leads to delusions. However, as the film shows, Leo is actually in chaos as he relives multiple lives, experiencing the outcomes of life decisions that could have been different.

The film stars Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Branka Katic, Milena Tscharntke, Laura Linney, and Salma Hayek. As mentioned, “The Roads Not Taken” is written and directed by Sally Potter, who is probably best known for her festival hits “The Party,” “Rage,” and “Orlando.”

“The Roads Not Taken” debuts at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival before arriving in theaters on March 13. You can watch the exclusive clip and look at some new pictures from the film below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Sally Potter’s THE ROADS NOT TAKEN follows a day in the life of Leo (Javier Bardem) and his daughter, Molly (Elle Fanning) as she grapples with the challenges of her father’s chaotic mind. As they weave their way through New York City, Leo’s journey takes on a hallucinatory quality as he floats through alternate lives he could have lived, leading Molly to wrestle with her own path as she considers her future.

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