A remake of Dario Argento‘s 1977 giallo masterpiece “Suspiria” has been in the works for ten years. Initially, David Gordon Green was attached for seven years; however, he dropped out in 2015 because his vision for a remake was more expensive than the typical budget for studio horror movies allowed for. Luca Guadagnino took over the project, and stripped the film of its giallo qualities, ridding it of its vibrant color palate. Guadagnino gave audiences at Cinemacon a small preview of his vision, which had some critics walking out and some trying not to throw up their lunch. Apparently, it wasn’t easy on the cast, especially for Dakota Johnson, who had to seek therapy after filming.

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“We were in an abandoned hotel on top of a mountain.” Johnson, who plays the main character Susie Bannion, told Elle Magazine. “It had 30 telephone poles on the roof, so there was electricity pulsating through the building, and everyone was shocking each other. It was cold as shit and so dry.”

“I have seen this movie–the most brilliantly scary film I have ever seen,” Original “Suspiria” star Jessica Harper posted on her Facebook page. “Luca’s ‘Call Me By Your Name‘ does not prepare you for it, but throws into relief the director’s brilliance and versatility.” These are strong words coming from the original Susie Bannion.

In “Suspiria,” A young American ballet dancer travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover it is something far more sinister and supernatural. She becomes increasingly terrified after a series of gruesome murders ensue, and she slowly unravels the dark history of the academy.

Guadagnino reunites with Tilda Swinton for the fifth time and Johnson for the second time after “A Bigger Splash.” “Suspiria” also stars Mia GothChloë Grace Moretz, and Harper in a different role. Originally set to be released last December, “Suspiria” will hit theaters sometime this fall.

Oh and good to note that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, who wrote the music for “Suspiria,” has confirmed that the music in the teaser is from his upcoming score. This marks the first feature film work for Yorke, but not for a Radiohead member. Jonny Greenwood is already an Oscar-nominated musician for his work on last year’s “Phantom Thread,” and has previously worked with PTA and Lynne Ramsay.