If you’ve ever wanted to watch “Bosch,” but can’t be bothered with binging two previous seasons, then you’re in luck. As seen in the recently released trailer for season 3, now’s a perfect time to start watching the Amazon hit series.

After solving the mystery surrounding the death of his mother, the titular Detective Bosch gets a new case involving a person who was killed by being thrown off a balcony by what seems to be a police officer. Unfortunately for Bosch, the evidence shows that he himself may or may not be responsible. Now everyone he knows is viewing him as a suspect, and he has to clear his name.

“Bosch” is based on the series of novels by bestselling author Michael Connelly and stars Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, and Lance Reddick. While not household names, all these actors are seasoned TV crime vets, and judging by the trailer, they bring their A-game to the newest season.

Season 3 of “Bosch” is scheduled to be released by Amazon on April 21st, and it has already been renewed for season 4.