Tilda Swinton is a creative mind with various interests. While many of us know Swinton for her many, many, many incredible performances as an actress in films ranging from arthouse classics to mega-blockbusters, she’s also dabbled in a bit of performance art and fashion, among other ventures. Now, Swinton can add music video director to her list of descriptors, as she just released her first attempt at a music video and it’s just as incredible as you might imagine.

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The opera music video is for performer Anthony Roth Costanzo, a countertenor, with composition by George Frideric Handel. But really, unless you’re a fan of operatic music, the video is probably going to be of interest because it features almost six uninterrupted minutes of Swinton’s Springer Spaniels frolicking around and generally looking downright adorable.

The video is co-directed by partner Sandro Kopp and will be featured as part of the upcoming art presentation “Glass Handel.” The art installation is happening at the end of November and will include Costanzo, along with producer Cath Brittan and fashion/art company Visionaire, as they present various collaborations with stars from art, fashion, dance, and of course, film.

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So, while you may just watch the video and think it’s a cute look at Swinton’s dog companions playing around while beautiful opera plays in the background, never forget that this is art. Beautiful, moving, delightful, adorable art.

“Glass Handel” starts on November 26 in New York City.

Here’s the official description of the event (tickets still available as of this writing):

Anthony Roth Costanzo, the avant-garde fashion/art company VISIONAIRE, and producer Cath Brittan present Glass Handel, an hour-long live interdisciplinary installation produced by National Sawdust and Opera Philadelphia and Co-Presented by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, on November 26–27. Eric Jacobsen will conduct The Knights, who accompany Costanzo for four performances over the two–day run. With Glass Handel, Costanzo and Visionaire have curated an unprecedented collaboration with stars from the worlds of art, fashion, dance, and film.