An unfilmed script from the late, great director Akira Kurosawa is being put into production by the Chinese film company Huayi Brothers. Written before his death in 1998, Kurosawa adapted the Edgar Allen Poe short story “The Masque of Red Death.” According to Screen Daily, Kurosawa began writing the script in 1975 after finishing his film “Dersu Uzuala.” Kurosawa completed the script before he passed away.

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While not as well known as some of Poe’s other short stories, the tale follows a prince and his wealthy noble friends who attempt to escape a deadly plague. Upon holding a masquerade ball, the prince is confronted with Red Death, itself. The story had previously been adapted into a Roger Corman-directed film, starring Vincent Price, in 1964.

Huayi Brothers is one of the largest entertainment companies in China, with its own studio and a talent agency, so presumably this will be quite a handsome production. While speaking at a press conference, Huayi Brothers co-founder James Wang mentioned that while no director has been named for the project, they are looking for a young filmmaker to direct. The film is expected to be completed by 2020. It’s an ambitious project for whoever takes it on, but one I’m excited to see. [Screen Daily]