With the new Julia Louis-Dreyfuss/Will Ferrell film, “Downhill,” coming right around the corner, it’s helping remind folks of the work of director Ruben Östlund. And now, the filmmaker, who directed “Force Majeure” (later remade as the Ferrell vehicle) and the Palme d’Or-winning film “The Square,” is returning with a new project that might be his most ambitious one yet, “Triangle of Sadness.”

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According to Screen Daily, filmmaker Östlund has brought on actors Woody Harrelson, Harris Dickinson, and Charlbi Dean to star in his upcoming film “Triangle of Sadness.” The film follows a wealthy couple, played by Dickinson and Dean, that join a Marxist captain (Harrelson) on a luxury cruise. Things get thrown into chaos when the glamorous folks find themselves on a deserted island, where only the cleaning lady knows how to provide the basics for them to survive. “Triangle of Sadness” marks Östlund’s first foray into English-language filmmaking.

“I have had a goal with ‘The Square’ and ‘Force Majeure’ and ‘Triangle’ of trying to combine the best parts of European film history with the best part of the American approach,” the director said. “I want to make a wild, entertaining, thought-provoking film that for me brings to mind Buñuel and Lina Wertmüller. I have tried not to have any limitations of where this film can go, it’s a project that I hope can be an adult rollercoaster.”

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He added, “I wanted to be very careful with my first English-language film. I wanted to try out different scenes with the [potential] actors and I also wanted to develop the script while we were trying out these scenes in casting. I wanted to give all the actors time.”

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No word on when we might see “Triangle of Sadness” arrive in theaters. The film is expected to begin its 70-day shooting schedule later this month. Depending on the speed of Östlund, there is a slight possibility that we could see the film become a player in the late-fall festival season. However, what’s more likely is that “Triangle of Sadness” will be a film that shows up in early 2021.