How long has Ben Wheatley been waiting to make “Freakshift“? He’s been talking about it since “Kill List,” it’s been perpetually on his slate, and even circa “Sightseers,” he said it was on the way. But life happens, other projects become easier to finance, and things get pushed back. However, it finally looks like Wheatley is going to make the movie.

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Deadline reports that Alicia Vikander will star in the picture that the director once described as “a cops versus monsters type of thing.” Once again penned by Wheatley and his collaborator Amy Jump, the trades don’t have much else about the story, but back in 2012, the director told us, the story focuses on “a crew that’s built up this armored vehicle and they go out and have to respond to 911 calls about these big monsters that have come out of the ground.” Uh, yeah, sign us up.

Vikander is currently shooting “Tomb Raider,” but the plan is for her to swing to this next, with cameras rolling in August. And given how fast Wheatley works, “Freakshift” will likely hit the festival circuit in the latter part of 2018.