While Cate Shortland came on our radar with 2004’s “Somersault,” she had a healthy TV career prior to that, helming episodes of “The Secret Life Of Us” and “Bad Cop, Bad Cop.” And between “Somersault” and her 2012’s feature “Lore,” she helmed the TV movie “The Silence.” Now, she’s set to embark on her biggest small screen effort yet.

IF reveals that Shortland is working on an 8-part miniseries, “The Monaro.” The series will be set in the 1830s, and will be based on a true crime case, and revolve around six women. That’s about all the details there are for now, but it’s a project that Shortland has apparently been thinking about since her film school days. In addition to directing, Shortland is working with a team of writers on the scripts, with plans to shoot in the winter (in Australia, which means summer for us).

It sounds like things are moving along, which means we hopefully won’t be waiting too long between projects from the filmmaker. Even better, it will be a big narrative canvas for her to work with. Shortland’s latest effort, the thriller “Berlin Syndrome,” premiered at Sundance, and will be released in cinemas by Vertical Entertainment before landing on Netflix for streaming.