Among the absurd number DC movies in development at Warner Bros. is “Suicide Squad 2.” The stink off last summer’s commercially decent, but critically thrashed anti-hero teamup probably is hard to overcome as the studio approaches different filmmakers, and over the past few months, Mel GibsonJaume Collet-Serra, David Goyer, Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa, and Jonathan Levine have all been reported as potential contenders. Now another name has cropped up, and its one that has long been on friendly terms with Warner Bros.

Dropping by Variety‘s “Playback” podcast, Guy Ritchie says he’d be up for doing the followup film, but his schedule won’t allow it.

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“I quite fancy doing ‘Suicide Squad 2,’ because I thought I could do a good job with it. I can’t do it because I’m doing something else, but I’ve felt I could really do something with that,” the director said (via Geek Tyrant).

The phrasing seems to suggest he was approached — a bit surprising given how much WB has pushed back the low buzz blockbuster “King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword” — but the proposed timing of the project wasn’t going to work. Certainly, Ritchie is a familiar hand with big budgets that he’d be an able craftsman to knock out the picture, but I can’t imagine he’s a name that would excite fans in the same way as Joss Whedon doing “Batgirl.” At any rate, Ritchie will be too busy making “Aladdin” or “Sherlock Holmes 3” or whatever else next. So, the search continues, and in case you’re wondering why David Ayer can’t return, he’s busy working on the spinoff flick, “Gotham City Sirens.

If you have any suggestions for who should direct “Suicide Squad 2,” let us know in the comments section. Listen to the full conversation with Ritchie below.

  • Anne

    No thanks.

  • suitablecustard

    Thankful for scheduling getting in the way of this happening, he’s got better things to do by far.

  • Caractacus Jack

    I’d much rather see Guy Ritchie work any number of other projects –either Aladdin (which I think he’s supposed to do), or Sherlock Holmes 3, or especially The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 2 (the first did poorly in the box office due to poor advertising and scheduling, but audiences seem to have discovered it on video). Failing any of those, something else more suited to his talents than just another superhero movie.

  • Vos_L

    WB is so all over the place….can’t keep track all the DC movies they are trying to make right now. Suicide Squad was a painfully bad movie. Not sure it warrants a sequel. They could put Will Smith in a different DC movie. The already have stuff in the works for Harley Quinn. The rest of the “squad” was forgettable.