Ben Affleck has had a busy year. He kicked it off by unveiling his Bruce Wayne to the world in “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” he popped by “Suicide Squad” for a cameo, he got “Justice League” in the can, went to the top of the box office over the weekend with “The Accountant,” and is getting ready for the awards season with “Live By Night.” And after that? Well, his calendar will be a lot more clear, which will give him time to focus on The Dark Knight.

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According to Joe Manganiello, who is slated to play Deathstroke, Affleck will start shooting “The Batman” next spring. Given that Warner Bros. has two open dates on their release schedule — October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019 — the kickoff date makes a lot of sense, and if I were to make a wild guess, I would presume the studio is aiming for “The Batman” to arrive sooner rather than later (so, here’s looking at you, 2018).

As for more details, those are yet to come, but Warner Bros. and DC Films have been using any and all opportunities to keep the conversation building around their superhero films, so you can probably expect Affleck to have a few more hints and morsels to share of what he’s putting together when he gets back on the press circuit for “Live By Night” this fall. But what do you want to see in “The Batman”? Bruce Wayne showing more of his detective skills, or showing off his action chops like he did in the warehouse fight in ‘Dawn Of Justice’? Let us know below. [Entertainment Tonight via Comingsoon]