To those who claimed that Donald Trump would become presidential once he sat behind the desk in the Oval Office…we’re still waiting. So far, Trump has used his time in the White House to start endangering the health of women both at home and abroad, order his Press Secretary to lie about the attendance at the inauguration, start silencing various government departments online, and in general show that the most powerful leader in the world in the world has an even more fragile ego than was previously thought possible. But it’s been said that times of strife produce great art, but who knew that Michael Bay would be one of the unlikely resistance leaders of the cinematic universe?

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THR reports that Bay is producing “Little America,” a “sci-fun” (eyeroll) movie that Universal has just snapped up the rights for. Said to be in the vein of “Escape From New York,” the film will be written and directed by Rowan Athale, and follow a former American Force Recon member who is hired by a Chinese billionaire to rescue his daughter in a world where the United States has become bankrupt after China’s calls in their debts.

Sounds pretty schlocky, but with the right emphasis on the subtext, it could be a pretty biting action satire. Then again, Bay has never exactly been a subtle filmmaker exploring rich political ideas, so we’ll see how this turns out. But it could be subversive fun if done right.

  • scarlet7

    I think “war profiteer” is more appropriate than “resistance leader” Michael Bay.

  • PhotographicAmnesia

    What do you mean “a Trump-Style”?