We can stop being surprised at Jonah Hill‘s ambitious career moves. The actor is a two-time Oscar nominee (“Moneyball,” “The Wolf Of Wall Street“) and has consistently shown an eagerness to move away from his “Superbad” roots. So, that he’s landed one of the best actresses of a generation for his directorial debut is no big thing.

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Okay, well it kinda is a big deal that four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams will star in “Mid-90s.” Hill also wrote the movie which will track 12 year-old Stevie as he navigates his way through the heady skateboard scene that has no shortage of drugs, drinking, sex and more, all while coming of age. Williams will play Stevie’s mother. The project has the all powerful Scott Rudin as one of the producers, and surprisingly, it’s his first time working on a project with Williams. I thought that would’ve happened by now.

Production is aiming to gear up in June, and A24 has already snapped up the rights. Bet on this one hitting theaters some time in 2018. [Deadline]