There are two big trends going on in TV nowadays. One is the reboot of an existing property, and the other is the anthology series. According to VarietyNBC is hoping to cash in on both trends with a small screen adaptation of the 2006 film, “Thank You for Smoking.”

The film, directed by Jason Reitman, starred Aaron Eckhart as a smooth-talking, big tobacco lobbyist who tried to protect the tobacco companies from government sanctions. The new series, developed by Keshet Studios, would break away from the movie’s premise, and instead, become an anthology series that would focus on one social issue each season. The first season would be “Thank You for Shooting,” which would focus on, you guessed it, gun control.

“Thank You for Smoking” wasn’t a huge success at the box office in 2006. The film had a slow theatrical roll out and ended its run at just shy of $40 million worldwide. However, the film did garner two Golden Globe noms, including Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actor.

“Thank You for Smoking,” or ‘Shooting’ or whatever it’s eventually titled, would be a departure for NBC. The network hasn’t ventured into the anthology, politically-aware genres yet, focusing mainly on new comedies and lots of procedurals set in Chicago. But this could end up being some must-see TV.