Most Netflix users know about one of the most annoying aspects of binge-watching TV shows — the opening credits. How many times over the course of nine seasons of “The Office” can you sit through the opening credits before it grates on your nerves? Well, now you’re in luck! Netflix has heard your complaints and has a solution.

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No more do you have to sit through opening credits when you’re binge-watching a TV show on the streaming service. If you want to skip them, just press the “Skip Intro” button on your screen, and just like that, you’re starting the episode. Some users might have already noticed the new feature because Netflix has slowly rolled it out to its users, but now, all users should have access to the “Skip Intro” button when they’re watching their favorite TV shows.

While the new feature sounds great for most binge-watchers, there are probably a fair amount of users who actually enjoy beginning each episode with the credits. Some shows actually use their opening credits in really interesting, unique ways, or are just really cool to watch (hello, “Stranger Things“). However, for most shows, you’re not missing much.

Think of it this way: If you’re watching over 200 episodes of “Criminal Minds,” and each has a 30-second intro, that’s almost two hours of your life you’re getting back! Netflix is pretty much saving lives. [The Verge]

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    Noticed it on my laptop while watching, used it too. Did not see it while streaming to TV through my Apple TV device though….