On his first date with Michelle Robinson, who would eventually take his surname, Barack Obama took her to see Spike Lee‘s “Do The Right Thing.” And so began a relationship that would span decades, lead to the White House, and many more movie dates to come, including an evening with “Monster Trucks.”

THR has dug up some of the movie requests the White House sent out during the Obama years, and apparently, he loved watching pretty much anything and everything Hollywood had to offer. Obama requested reportedly any movie you could imagine, and one of the last was Paramount‘s hugely expensive flop, “Monster Trucks,” requested just days before he was set to leave office last month.

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Of course, we can’t know for sure if Obama watched it; after all, being President of the free world is a job that doesn’t afford you much time to sit around in a bathrobe watching TV (oh wait…). But I like to think that as he prepared for the arrival of Donald J. Trump, Obama soothed his soul with the wacky adventures of Creech.

Not much is know about the current President’s viewing habits outside of Fox News, but he has requested “Finding Dory” and “Why Him?,” the latter possibly in a bid for Trump to get an answer to a question he might be hearing a lot around the White House.