Rebecca Miller continues to be arguably one of the most undervalued directors — female or not — working right now. Despite assembling an impressive body of work including “The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee,” “The Ballad Of Jack And Rose,” “Personal Velocity,” and most recently, the utterly charming “Maggie’s Plan,” her films don’t tend to breakout beyond the arthouse. However, her new project has enough star power that could find the filmmaker reaching her bigger audience yet.

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Steve Carell, Amy Schumer and Nicole Kidman have all signed up to star in “She Came To Me.” According to Screen Daily, the film intriguingly “weaves together love stories and plays out against the world of contemporary opera and tugboats.” That sounds terrific, and maybe is the real reason Schumer bailed on “Barbie.” There’s no word yet on when production might begin, but I can only imagine that if faced with the two options, she’d probably prefer something like this.

Either way, a project that we’re eager to see come together and one we’ll be looking out for in 2018. More Miller is always a good thing.

  • Patrick Dunn

    Whew. Finally, the opera/tugboat story that’s been denied us for so long!

    • Bo

      …lol…yea, I was thinking the same thing…tugboats?…lol…

  • Scott Foster

    I can’t say this is exciting me.