There is nothing Hollywood likes to do better than take a single property and run into the ground with as many reboots, remakes, and reimaginings as possible. So even though next year we’ll be treated to “Robin Hood: Origins” starring Taron Egerton, another new take on the material is in the works, albeit with a major tweak to the story we’ve been told.

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Margot Robbie has been tapped to lead “Marian.” So yes, the title makes it clear she’ll be playing Maid Marian, however, in the script by Pete Barry (said to be “gritty,” because, obviously) who witnesses Robin Hood die before her eyes, and takes up his mission, and leads the English kingdom into battle. The picture is being described as “Braveheart” meets “Game Of Thrones,” which is probably a really cool thing to say in pitch meetings.

The project is set up over at Sony, and there’s no director attached yet, but admittedly, it’s a different twist on an old favorite. I would imagine it’s still a bit of way off, with Robbie wrapping up the Tonya Harding flick “I, Tonya” and working on “Gotham City Sirens,” among other things. But the image of Margot Robbie shooting a bow-and-arrow on a poster will probably pretty much sell itself. [Deadline]