With over 30 years of film compositions under his belt — from his 1984 debut with “Success Is the Best Revenge” to the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming “Dunkirk” — Hans Zimmer is the rare household name in the world of film composers. His career is as impressive for its depth as its volume; Zimmer is as prone to pop up on the soundtrack for a Terrence Malick film as he is a Michael Bay film and has worked with regular acclaim in live-action, animation, and documentary to boot.

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In fact, Zimmer’s music has so much broad appeal that the composer is currently on tour, traveling the world with his band and performing selections from his soundtracks. One stop along his way? None other than the musical festival Coachella, where his performance was recorded live and shared by the official Coachella YouTube channel. What better way to perk up your Monday than listening to Zimmer and company rocking the house with the “Inception” soundtrack? As noted by Consequence of Sound, Zimmer performed selections from the soundtracks to “Inception,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Lion King,” and “Gladiator” before bringing out special guest star Pharrell for a song together.

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If you missed Zimmer at Coachella the first time around, you’ve still got one more chance: Zimmer will be back at the music festival on Wednesday before heading off to Australia for a few weeks. As live soundtrack screenings become an increasingly common way to sell screenings as an event, we might see more musicians take this approach. Here’s hoping Zimmer inspires some of his fellow film composers to take their music on the road as well. [Collider]

  • Colin Christian

    Now that was AWESOME!! I would love to hear Interstellar live,but I think carrying a church organ about is not an easy job for a roadie…