Will Ferrell is just intrinsically funny in the way that even relatively few big-name comedy stars are — he’s capable of making you laugh just by standing there in a way that, say, Ed Helms isn’t (no offense to Mr. Helms). But Ferrell becomes doubly funny when you pair him up with someone who intimidates him in some way, as two movies with Mark Wahlberg, “The Other Guys” and “Daddy’s Home,” has proven. An entire movie was even built around the premise of Ferrell being intimidated, though the less said about “Get Hard” the better.

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And now, that particular joke is being brought back, it would appear, with Ferrell to star with the very modern model of masculinity, Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, in a Paramount comedy, according to Deadline. The site reveals that the two stars will be teaming up for a film from writers Andy Mogel and Jarrad Paul, who created underrated Rob Lowe sitcom “The Grinder,” and also helmed Jack Black/James Marsden movie “The D Train” together.

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The film is still untitled but has a premise that’s a little reminiscent of “Bojack Horseman” to us, with Ferrell playing a now-washed-up TV star who reunites with his on-screen son (Momoa), who is now a giant movie star. Interestingly, the pitch was apparently “‘Galaxy Quest’ meets ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’” suggesting some kind of genre-y element that isn’t yet being revealed.

Ferrell’s production company with Adam McKay, Gary Sanchez, will produce along with “Neighbors” helmer Nick Stoller, though there’s no word on if Stoller, or Mogel & Paul, will be helming. There’s also no timeline on the project yet, but it’s still just a pitch rather than a script, giving Momoa plenty of time to finish up shooting on “Aquaman,” which just got underway with production in Australia.