While war films have been made since the dawn of the entertainment medium, you’ve probably never seen one quite like “1917.” Utilizing a technique that makes the film feel as if it was done in only one, long take, “1917” has an intensity and immersive feeling that you previously haven’t seen in many movies in this genre.

And in honor of the film’s impending release, as well as the soundtrack coming several days sooner, we are thrilled to give our readers a chance to listen to an exclusive track from the film’s score composed by Thomas Newman. We can rave about the score all day, as it’s a perfect accompaniment to director Sam Mendes‘ intense war film, but it appears that Newman is already getting plenty of love from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which nominated the score for a Golden Globe.

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“1917” marks the seventh collaboration between Newman and Mendes, after working on films such as “Skyfall,” “Spectre,” “Road to Perdition,” “Jarhead,” “American Beauty,” and “Revolutionary Road.” And it appears that the duo has a pretty great relationship.

“Mostly, I wanted the music to propel action without complicating it, to hover passively at one moment, and land and propel at another,” said Newman. “Because the movie takes place in present tense, the more the music commented on any particular action, the less exciting it was likely to be.”

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He continued, “Sam and I talked frequently about how to earn those moments where music could be justifiably emotive, and likewise how music could get out of the way and avoid the trap of being overly written. ‘1917’ is compelling, immersive drama without music, so the goal was to avoid accidental redundancy and to add richness and dimension to the drama only as it unfolded.”

“1917” arrives in select theaters on December 25. Newman’s score will be released by Sony Music on December 20.

Here’s the exclusive track, as well as information about the soundtrack:

1. 1917
2. Up the Down Trench
3. Gehenna
4. A Scrap of Ribbon
5. The Night Window
6. The Boche
7. Tripwire
8. A Bit of Tin
9. Lockhouse
10. Blake and Schofield
11. Milk
12. Écoust-Saint-Mein
13. Les Arbres
14. Engländer
15. The Rapids
16. Croisilles Wood
17. Sixteen Hundred Men
18. Mentions in Dispatches
19. Come Back to Us