Adam Sandler Says Safdies Collaboration Has “Romantic” Elements & Mentions A Possible Todd Field Collab Again

Adam Sandler has to be loving life right now. Not only does he continue to make hit films for Netflix, but he’s been able to truly flex his more dramatic chops with his recent film “Hustle,” as well as the oft-discussed, awards-caliber performance in “Uncut Gems.” And apparently, his roles in auteur projects is nowhere near done.

During an episode of the Happy. Sad. Confused. podcast, Adam Sandler talked about a number of new things, including his upcoming collaboration with the Safdie Brothers, the filmmakers behind “Uncut Gems,” as well as a potential team-up with filmmaker Todd Field.

But before we get to those topics, Sandler wanted to discuss his relationship with Daniel Day-Lewis. Hilariously, one of the things Sandler kept repeating was that Daniel Day-Lewis texts him often and by the sounds of it, this relationship began after Day-Lewis fell in love with his performance in “Uncut Gems.”

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“He’s the best, he texted me some funny shit today. He really is hysterical,” Sandler said. “It’s exciting, every time I talk to him, I love him so much, and I’ve hung out with him, and even when I eat with him, just eating he makes food feel succulent, he chews cool.”

When the host mentioned that Sandler should convince Day-Lewis to come out of retirement and collaborate, the comedian said, “Maybe.”

But, when the discussion turned to more concrete plans, that’s when we get the goods about the new, untitled film coming from the Safdies.

“Those Safdie boys are incredible,” Sandler said. “I was with them last night, they’re working on a new one, we’re doing a new one together. It’s gonna be exciting. It’s slowly getting there, we start, the game plan is shooting in April.”

“You never know,” he added, addressing a rumor of a new look for him in this film. “Even when I did ‘Uncut Gems,’ things changed until we started shooting. This one they sent me pictures of what they’re thinking of and I’m very scared.”

One thing is for sure, though. Whatever this new Safdies project is, it’ll be very different from “Uncut Gems.”

“It feels like one of their movies for sure, but it’s different too,” Sandler explained. “It’s gonna be romantic, it’s got a lot of different feel [to it], but definitely every time they send me stuff when I’m turning the page and I’m like, ‘Oh shit, I didn’t see that coming.’ That’s what’s so cool about them, I never know what’s coming and what to expect. It’s bananas the way they think and how they don’t ever wanna do anything you’ve seen before and they yell and bicker about that each other to be like, ‘no, that’s too much like,’ …they just wanna make everything as fresh it could be.”

The actor also suggested that he could be teaming up with Noah Baumbach again. Asked directly if he would reteam with the filmmaker, Sandler said, “I think so, I think so, he’s writing a [new] movie, he’s an amazing guy, he does great stuff.”

While discussing other filmmakers he could work with, the name Todd Field came up. Sandler mentioned him briefly and elaborated a little more, and said, “Yeah, I’ve known him a long time too, and I love him and he’s got an idea we’re talking about, but you never know. Everything you talk about you get excited to do, but until you shoot it, you never know, but we’re excited to do this cool movie together.”

A new Safdies film. Potential projects with Baumbach and Field. Hell, it’s a really great time to be Adam Sandler. We’ll just have to see how all of these potential films come together in the future.