There May Be Another Apprentice Trained By Snoke In 'Star Wars'


One of the big questions that fans had heading into “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was: who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Introduced in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as the villain of the new trilogy, Rian Johnson quickly dispatched the character entirely, having Kylo Ren kill him, in order to say Rey. It was a shocking development, but very smart too, as it gave Han Solo’s emo son even more to grapple with emotionally in his ongoing struggle between the darkness and the light. However, Snoke’s influence may still be felt throughout the galaxy.

In the official Lucasfilm magazine “The Souvenir Guide to the Movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi,”a write up on Supreme Leader Snoke reveals that Kylo Ren was not his only pupil. Here’s a screenshot — the first sentence is all you really need to read:


It should be stressed that this information is from an official “Star Wars” magazine, with the Lucasfilm Story Group credited in the masthead. So yes, this is canon.

Naturally, this raises all kinds of questions and makes one wonder what impact (if any) this will have on J.J. Abrams‘ “Star Wars: Episode IX.” Did this apprentice complete his training with Snoke? Did Snoke abandon this person once he saw the greater potential in Kylo Ren? Will this apprentice be the threat in ‘Episode IX,’ and perhaps find Kylo Ren and Rey working side by side to defeat them? Or is this just some backstory fragment we’re reading far too much into?

The “Star Wars” universe is expanding into some interesting directions, and we’ll be curious to see if Snoke hasn’t quite exited the series just yet. [Slashfilm/io9]