Recently, it was announced that Billy Crudup was walking away from a supporting role in the Warner Bros. superhero film, “The Flash.” But it doesn’t appear that the actor is going to be relaxing for too long, as he’s already got his next gig lined up.

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According to Apple, Billy Crudup is set to star in the upcoming 10-episode series, “Hello Tomorrow!” for Apple TV+. The series comes from writers-creators Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen (“Bloodline,” “The Money”) and tells the story of a salesman (Crudup) in a “retro-future world” that is so optimistic about the future that he revitalizes his co-workers and clients but threatens to get lost in his own dreams. The series will be directed by Jonathan Entwistle, the man behind “The End of the F*cking World.”

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Though he’s been a veteran of a ton of high-profile films and TV series, such as “Almost Famous,” “Big Fish,” “Mission: Impossible III,” “Watchmen,” “Spotlight,” and “Jackie,” Crudup has been recently seen in the Apple TV+ series, “The Morning Show.” His role on that series, starring opposite Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, has earned him SAG Award, Emmy, and Critics Choice nominations. The hit drama series is also expected to return later this year.

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In addition to Crudup, Entwistle, Bhalla, and Jansen all serving as executive producers on the project, “Hello Tomorrow!” is also produced by folks such as Blake Griffin, Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein through their banner Mortal Media. Obviously, it’s far too soon to know when we might see “Hello Tomorrow!” on Apple TV+, but this series joins a long list of high-profile series with A-list talent involved that will be arriving on the streaming service over the next couple of years.