Black Widow Finally Says Something In 'Iron Man 2' TV Spot

Blah blah blah “Kick-Ass”. Been there, done that. The one summer movie we’re actually excited for is “Iron Man 2” which looks like its going to strike the right tone between reverence and balls out fun we expect from a popcorn munching summer blockbuster.

While we’ve been digging the trailers and material we’ve seen until now, Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) has been noticeably minimal in the spots for the film. However, the latest TV spot finally lets us hear Johannson speak some dialogue (however little is in) while giving us a little bit more of War Machine and Nick Fury. The rest of the thirty second spot is all stuff you’ve seen before.

Watch the spot below. “Iron Man 2” opens on May 7th.