Casey Affleck has had a pretty quiet last couple of years. The Academy Award-winning actor took a step out of the spotlight after sexual harassment lawsuits resurfaced in 2017, as Affleck found himself in the #MeToo conversation. Since then, he’s appeared in only a couple of films, 2017’s “A Ghost Story” and last year’s “The Old Man & the Gun.” But in 2019, the actor has at least one new film, the upcoming “Light of My Life,” which will have its world premiere at the Panorama sidebar at the Berlin Film Festival.

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In a first look at the film (via THR), we see a picture of the actor, who plays a father trying to raise his daughter in a society of only men. “Light of My Life” isn’t just any old acting gig for Affleck. The film marks the first time the actor has stepped behind the camera to direct a film since 2010’s “I’m Still Here.” He wrote the script for the film, as well.

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As usual, the Panorama lineup features an eclectic mix of international fare and a few US films. The Jonah Hill directorial debut, “Mid90s” will also get a screening during the program.

You can take a look at the first look picture from “Light of My Life,” as well as the entire Panorama lineup below:

Casey Affleck Light of My Life

37 Seconds, Director: Hikari (Japan) — World premiere
Acid, Director: Alexander Gorchilin (Russia)
A Dog Barking at the Moon, Director: Xiang Zi (China / Spain) — World premiere
A Dog Called Money, Director: Seamus Murphy (Ireland / U.K.) — World premiere
All My Loving, Director: Edward Berger (Germany) — World premiere
Beauty and Decay, Director: Annekatrin Hendel (Germany ) — World premiere
Brief Story From the Green Planet, Director: Santiago Loza (Argentina / Germany / Brazil / Spain) — World premiere
Buoyancy, Director: Rodd Rathjen (Australia) — World premiere
Dafne, Director: Federico Bondi (Italy) — World premiere
Divine Love, Director: Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil / Uruguay / Chile / Denmark / Norway / Sweden)
Chained, Director: Yaron Shani (Israel / Germany) — World premiere
Flatland, Director: Jenna Bass (South Africa / Luxemburg / Germany) — World premiere
Flesh Out, Director: Michela Occhipinti (Italy) — World premiere
Greta, Director: Armando Praca (Brazil) — World premiere
Hellhole, Director: Bas Devos (Belgium / Netherlands) — World premiere
Holy Beasts, Director: Laura Amelia Guzmaan (Israel) — World premiere
Idol, Director: Lee Su-jin (South Korea) — World premiere
Jessica Forever, Director: Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel (France)
Lemebel, Director: Joanna Reposi Garibaldi (Chile / Colombia) — World premiere
Light of My Life, Director: Casey Affleck (USA) — World premiere
Mid90s, Director: Jonah Hill (USA)
Midnight Traveler, Director: Hassan Fazili and Emelie Mahdavian (USA / U.K. / Qatar / Canada)
Family Members, Director: Mateo Bendesky (Argentina) — World premiere
Monos, Director: Alejandro Landes (Colombia / Argentina / Netherlands / Denmark / Sweden / Germany / Uruguay / USA)
Normal, Director: Adele Tulli (Italy / Sweden) — World premiere
O Beautiful Night, Director: Xaver Bohm (Germany) — World premiere
On the Starting Line, Director: Aldemar Matias.(France/Cuba/Brazil) — World premiere
Searching Eva, Director: Pia Hellenthal (Germany) — World premiere
Selfie, Director: Agostino Ferrente (France / Italy) — World premiere
Serendipity, Director: Prune Nourry (USA) — World premiere
Shooting the Mafia, Director: Kim Longinotto (Ireland / USA)
Skin, Director: Guy Nattiv (USA)
Staff Only, Director: Neus Ballus (Spain / France) — World premiere
Stitches, Director: Miroslav Terzic (Serbia / Slovenia / Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina) — World premiere
System K, Director: Renaud Barret (France) — World premiere
The Breath, Director: Uli M Schueppel (Germany) — World premiere
The Day After I’m Gone, Director: Nimrod Eldar (Israel) — World premiere
The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea, Director: Syllas Tzoumerkas (Greece / Germany / Netherlands / Sweden) — World premiere
The Shadow Play, Director: Lou Ye (China)
The Souvenir, Director: Joanna Hogg (U.K.)
Talking About Trees, Director: Suhaib Gasmelbari (France / Sudan / Germany / Chad / Qatar) — World premiere
Tremors, Director: Jayro Bustamante (Guatemala / France / Luxemburg) — World premiere
Waiting for the Carnival, Director: Marcelo Gomes (Brazil) — World premiere
Western Arabs, Director: Omar Shargawi (Denmark / Netherlands) — World premiere
What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael, Director: Rob Garver (USA)