Cate Blanchett Reportedly In Talks To Star In Both Adam McKay's New Comedy & James Gray's Upcoming Drama

There’s a lot of Cate Blanchett news that’s making the rounds recently. Not only is the two-time Oscar-winning actress the new star in the recently-released TV series, “Mrs. America,” on FX, but she’s also reportedly about to join the film adaptation of the “Borderlands” video game franchise. And according to yet another report, it appears that Blanchett is now about to join another Oscar-winning actress in Adam McKay’sDon’t Look Up.” Oh, and let’s not forget about the new James Gray feature, as well!

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Collider is reporting that Blanchett is in talks to star opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the upcoming comedy film, “Don’t Look Up,” which is written and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker McKay. The film is set to follow the story of two astronomers that go on a media tour to warn the Earth that an asteroid is expected to make impact with the planet in six months. And as you might guess from McKay’s involvement, the film is expected to carry the same satirical tone that has been seen in his recent films such as “The Big Short” and “Vice.”

In addition, it appears that Blanchett is also set to join James Gray’s follow-up to last year’s “Ad Astra,” titled “Armageddon Times,” according to Variety. This film is based on the filmmaker’s early life attending the Kew-Forest School in Queens, where Fred Trump (yes, Donald Trump’s dad) served on the school board and his son was an alumnus.

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So, when can we expect to see the new comedy film and/or Gray’s drama? That’s the million, err, billion-dollar question in Hollywood right now. With filming locations in the US seemingly months away from being ready to go, there’s no way of telling when “Don’t Look Up” or any new film will be able to get in front of cameras. But when they do, you better believe they’ll be two of our most-anticipated films.