Disney To Reboot ‘The Rocketeer’ With David Oyelowo Possibly Starring

With all the superhero films over the past decade, it’s quite amazing that Disney has waited so long to bring back “The Rocketeer” franchise. Though it has been rumored over the years, it appears the studio has finally decided the direction it wants to take the superhero with a new streaming film that could potentially star David Oyelowo.

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According to Deadline, Disney is moving ahead with development of a new ‘Rocketeer’ film, aptly titled “The Return of the Rocketeer.” The Disney+ feature is produced by Oyelowo and his wife, Jessica Oyelowo, through their Yoruba Saxon production company. The new film will be written by Ed Ricourt and is expected to relaunch the franchise by passing the Rocketeer mantle to a new character, expected to be a retired Tuskegee airman.

For those unaware, “The Rocketeer” is a 1991 film from director Joe Johnston and tells the story of a young pilot in 1938 that stumbles upon a prototype jetpack and helmet that allows him to fly and take on bad guys. The film mixed traditional superheroes but with an “Indiana Jones”-esque lead. The film has developed a cult following over the years after only being a modest hit at the box office. Johnston, for his effort, would eventually tackle another period superhero film with “Captain America: The First Avenger” years later.

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As mentioned, Disney has tried to get “The Rocketeer” flying again over the years, with reports of a young female-led version from some years back. But with Oyelowo producing (and probably starring), this feels like the first real attempt to reboot the franchise. And obviously, we know Disney loves superheroes and franchises, so don’t expect the studio to take it slowly with this.