‘Gambit’: Channing Tatum Admits It’s Time To “Spiritually, Emotionally, Kind Of Mentally” Let Go Of His ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Film

There have been a number of big franchise films over the years, that have had a ton of stops and stars but would eventually get made and become really successful. Most recently, it happened with “Uncharted,” which went through a number of directors and years of delays before becoming a hit in 2022. And the best example is “Deadpool,” which was all but dead at Fox before finally getting made after test footage leaked and eventually would go on to be one of the biggest superhero franchises currently running. For years, people thought Channing Tatum’s passion project, the “X-Men” spinoff film, “Gambit,” would be one of those stories. Alas, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and the actor is finally coming to terms with it.

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Speaking in a new interview with Vanity Fair, Channing Tatum did his yearly update about the current status of “Gambit.” Originally announced as part of 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men” film universe nearly a decade ago, “Gambit” was set to star Tatum as the title character, a smooth-talking New Orleans-based superhero scoundrel. A bit like Han Solo, but with exploding playing cards. He’s definitely a more campy superhero. Tatum did all sorts of press about how the film was going to be released, and he even posed for a big group shot with a bunch of other “X-Men” franchise actors. 

However, time after time, just when “Gambit” would gain traction with a new filmmaker or script, the superhero film would fall apart again. Honestly, we have written dozens of articles about the various comings and goings with the potential film. Even when the final nail in the coffin seemed to happen several years ago when Disney purchased Fox and basically put an end to that version of the “X-Men” universe, there was still talk about how “Gambit” might actually survive the drama. Now, Tatum finally thinks it’s time to let it go.

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“It got swallowed up into Disney by way of Marvel when they bought Fox, and ultimately I just think that the tone of the movie we wanted to make was very far from what they wanted to do—or, you know, maybe they’re waiting to see how they do it with us or without us,” he explained. “We call every once in a while, but we’ve got to spiritually, emotionally, kind of mentally let it go.”

It definitely sounds as if Tatum has come to terms with the fate of “Gambit.” The actor is now in his 40s and the window of time for him to kickstart a new superhero franchise seems to be closing. Maybe he can show up in one of the multiversal Marvel Studios films coming soon, such as “Avengers: Secret Wars” or “Deadpool 3,” just as a way to give Tatum his brief time as the character? Outside of that, it doesn’t seem like “Gambit” will ever get made. And if it does, years down the line, Tatum won’t be involved. RIP.