‘Green Book' Screenwriter Nick Vallelonga To Pen A Sequel To HBO's 1996 'Gotti'

To clear things up right away, no, it’s not thatGotti.” But the news is bizarre nonetheless, though perhaps welcome for fans of HBO‘s critically acclaimed 1996 mob movie “Gotti,” as a sequel has been announced with the mealy-mouthed title of “Gotti II: The Final Chapter, Facts Undisputed.” The Oscar-winning writer of, uh, “Green Book,” Nick Vallelonga, will be writing it. It’s a choice that makes one wonder about the subtitled “Undisputed Facts,” considering the Shirley family very much disputed the facts of  “Green Book,” accusing Vallelonga of allegedly falsifying information around Don Shirley, the real-life subject on which the film is based (in the same span of time, Vallelonga went on to delete his Twitter account due to racist, anti-Muslim tweets). 

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In any case, the original cast from the Emmy-winning crime drama — including Armand Assante, Dominic Chianese, William Forsythe, and Robert Miranda — are returning and will begin production immediately on “Gotti II: The Final Chapter, Facts Undisputed,” a title that demands to be said in full, every single time. 

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The news was announced on Friday at a reunion panel as part of SopranosCon and MobMovieCon (there’s a Con for everything!). “Gotti II: The Final Chapter, Facts Undisputed” will have Assante reprising his Emmy-winning role as the infamous real-life mobster John Gotti (who was also portrayed, in a sense, by John Travolta in the deranged 2018 crime drama “Gotti”). Vallelonga and George Gallo (“Midnight Run) are on screenplay duties, with Michael Mota, CEO of VirtualCons, serving as executive producer alongside Arnold Rifkin (“Live Free or Die Hard”) and Johnny Arreola (“The Jerry Springer Show). Notably, Gotti’s son, John A. Gotti, will serve as a key advisor and is set to give the filmmakers access to his personal archives as they work on the movie, for those precious undisputed facts.