Halt And Catch Fire” says goodbye with its fourth and final season, by going to the beginning… of the internet. AMC‘s underseen tech world drama is getting a chance to wrap up its story, and, to do so, jumps the narrative from the 1980s setting of the first three seasons to the 1990s.

For those who have been watching, season three ended with a time leap that sets up the new season. It was something that was always on the minds of the creators, but they felt following season three, it was right moment to take a chance.

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“It was a little bit of a calculated risk we took…. We found ourselves with this tough choice. We did not want to lose the immediate aftermath of season 2, in terms of Mutiny and Joe making landfall in San Francisco, and the kind of ‘strangers in a strange land’ of it all. But technologically, we really wanted to get to this big connectivity, this WWW moment. So we decided this would be the story of the right idea at the wrong time — the people who got there early,” co-creator Christopher C. Rogers told EW last fall. “Nineteen eighty-six is a story of detail and Joe and Ryan on the NSFNet, kind of putting together the pieces that in 1990 are prepared to coalesce into what we know as the World Wide Web. So it was born a little of that necessity, but I think it also just scared us, to do the huge time jump and take as much time off for these characters — a period of time that equals the amount of time they’ve known each other in the story so far. We knew we wanted to get there, and we didn’t know when, but we were really thrilled with how it came together and the way we just, as Chris said, dropped people into it in [episode] 9 and let them try to catch up.

Starring Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis, Kerry BishéToby Huss, and Anna Chlumsky, “Halt And Catch Fire” returns on August 19th with a two-hour premiere.