'Highlander': Chad Stahelski Says His Henry Cavill-Starring Reboot Will Keep "Elements" Of The TV Series & Might Lead To Spinoffs

While it doesn’t appear that a “John Wick 5” is in the works at this moment, filmmaker Chad Stahelski has plenty on his plate to keep him busy. Perhaps the biggest film he has in development is the “Highlander” reboot that is expected to star Henry Cavill (someone who has gone from too many franchises to not a single one). But if Stahelski has his way, “Highlander” could be the beginning of a massive, expansive universe. 

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Speaking on the Happy. Sad. Confused. podcast, director Chad Stahelski shed some light on what he’s doing with the “Highlander” reboot that he’s been attached to for quite some time. For those unaware, “Highlander” is an ‘80s action film about a man who is immortal and must fight his oldest enemy at an event called The Gathering. While it’s definitely not a great movie, “Highlander” is a classic amongst those who love ‘80s action, sci-fi films and would go on to spawn numerous spinoffs, especially on TV. Now, Stahelski and Cavill are hoping to kick off something new with a reboot.

“Our story engages a lot of the same characters [as the original], but we’ve also brought in elements of all the TV shows,” explained Stahelski. “And we’re trying to do a bit of a prequel—a setup—to The Gathering, so we have room to grow the property.”

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And yes, the filmmaker will fully embrace the idea of “Highlander” turning into a big franchise, like what he did with “John Wick.” Except this time, Stahelski is going into the first film with the ideas of how to expand it down the line. 

“‘Highlander,’ I’ll tell you, if we get our shit together and pull off a feature, we have ideas for days about the coolest characters and how to make that an epic TV show,” he said. “I just think that’s a rich, rich mythology.”

As of now, there’s no release date for “Highlander.” But it definitely appears that Stahelski still wants it to happen and Cavill is still onboard to star.