With “Batman V. Superman” underwhelming critically and financially, and “Captain America: Civil War” picking up the best reviews for a Marvel film to date, this year’s superhero conflicts seems to amount to one disaster and one triumph thus far. And imminently, we’ll see how a third turns out; though “X-Men: Apocalypse” doesn’t open until the end of the month, the review embargo lifts on Monday, which suggests that 20th Century Fox has a certain degree of confidence in the picture.

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The last mutant extravaganza, 2014’s “Days Of Future Past,” proved unexpectedly engaging, and the franchise got a further boost with the sleeper smash “Deadpool” earlier this year, so hopes are obviously high for Bryan Singer’s fourth X-film, which sees our heroes square off against Oscar Isaac’s god-like Apocalypse.

The marketing machine is gearing up head of the arrival of reviews, and a second clip from the film just dropped thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and her Facebook page. The footage sees Lawrence’s Mystique (in a truly ludicrous ’80s-era outfit) go to an underground mutant cage match, where she sees Ben Hardy’s Angel battling Kodi Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler.

To go with that footage (click above to see it), we also have brief featurettes focusing on both Angel and his fellow Horseman Storm (Alexandra Shipp). And for good measure, there’s a new “Deadpool” clip plugging the film’s Blu-Ray release. You can find out if “X-Men: Apocalypse” lives up to its promise when it opens on May 27th.