Juliette Binoche & Gérard Depardieu Team For Claire Denis’ ‘Dark Glasses’

Given the tight knit French film community, and the fact that both Gerard Depardieu and Juliette Binoche are bonafide legends, it’s a bit shocking that the pair have never starred in a film together. But that’s about to change with “Dark Glasses,” the next film from the great Claire Denis.

While we have been pining for the director’s brewing sci-fi movie “High Life” starring Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, and Mia Goth, which was supposed to start shooting this spring, it looks like Denis has put it on the back-burner as she pivots to “Dark Glasses.” France 3 reports that Depardieu and Binoche will be joined by Xavier Beauvois in the film which will start shooting this month, with The Film Stage adding production will last seven weeks, and that the film is based on the book by Roland Barthes.

The source material has already been adapted by directors Derek Tsang and Jimmy Wan in the 2010 Hong Kong picture named after the book, but it seems like there’s more than few avenues to follow in interpreting Barthes’ work. And certainly, based on the casting alone, Denis has the higher profile movie already. Word is that “Dark Glasses” will be ready to premiere later this year, and let’s let hope that means she’s back on “High Life” soon.