There are some movies where the magic is in the casting, and for Warner Bros., they have been developing their remake of “A Star Is Born” for years, with much of it spent on trying to find leads with the right chemistry. Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Hamm, Russell Crowe, and Christian Bale all were floated at various points, until Bradley Cooper was attached with Clint Eastwood to direct. The latter dropped out, so Cooper took the reins himself, with none other than Beyoncé rumored for the co-starring role. But instead, another major pop star has landed the gig.

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Lady Gaga will star opposite Cooper in his directorial debut. Apparently they get along famously, their tests went well, and the studio is super excited. For Lady Gaga, this is a pretty big step forward in her acting career. After winning an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for her work on “American Horror Story,” it seems logical that a movie would be next. And what better than a role — playing a wide-eyed girl dreaming of stardom, who finds a helping hand from a washed out, alcoholic older leading man — that will give her an opportunity to show off her musical talents?

No word yet on when cameras might roll, and Deadline seems to suggest that Cooper might make another project as his directorial debut first, before leaping into this. But once the negotiations are completed, I can’t imagine Warner Bros. will want this one on the back burner for too long.