As the world experiences a global pandemic, we’ve seen some films that have striking similarities to what we’re currently experiencing. When you’re faced with a pandemic that has killed more than 1.4 million people, seeing post-apocalyptic movies and films about viruses take on a new meaning. The latest film to have this sort of similarity is “Little Fish.”

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As seen in the trailer for “Little Fish,” the story revolves around a married couple that is going through tough times as the husband seems to have contracted an illness dubbed NIA. The new illness targets memories and makes people lose their memory over time until they can’t even do basic functions. “Little Fish” shows a world, not too dissimilar to ours now, where people are worried about a cure, fighting over government conspiracies, and generally just worried about their health.

“Little Fish” stars Jack O’Connell and Olivia Cooke. Both are up-and-coming actors that have recently starred in acclaimed films that might contend for awards this year. O’Connell had the lead role in Max Winkler’s boxing drama, “Jungleland,” while Cooke is seen in the forthcoming “Sound of Metal,” starring opposite Riz Ahmed.

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This new drama is written by Mattson Tomlin, who is probably best known as the screenwriter for the recent Netflix action film, “Project Power,” as well as the upcoming superhero film, “The Batman.” Chad Hartigan is the director of “Little Fish.” The filmmaker is probably best known for his recent feature, “Morris from America” and as the helmer of an episode of the HBO anthology, “Room 104.”

IFC Films is set to release “Little Fish” in theaters and VOD on February 21, 2021. You can watch the new trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

LITTLE FISH chronicles the all too familiar phenomena of a global pandemic, sweeping the world without control. Pointedly, the film asks “When your disaster is everyone’s disaster, how do you grieve?” As the sickness, which causes you to slowly lose all your memories, runs rampant, the viewer follows an incredibly charming young married couple, played masterfully by Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell. They fight to hold their relationship together before the disease can erase all memory of their love.