**Spoilers ahead, obviously** This weekend, M. Night Shyamalan proved that the success of “The Visit” wasn’t a fluke. The director’s comeback was secured with “Split,” his second hit in a row, and a movie that going in, every moviegoer thought was an original twisty thriller….however, the last few minutes really changed the game.

You can get the full breakdown of how it unfolds right here along with Shyamalan’s explanation of how it originated, but the short version is this: James McAvoy‘s villain not only survives “Split,” it turns out the movie takes place in the same universe as “Unbreakable,” complete with a cameo by Bruce Willis, and a mention of Samuel L. Jackson‘s Mr. Glass. It’s not the sequel to Shyamalan’s beloved 2000 movie, but it appears that’s next on his docket, a situation no doubt helped by the big box office success of “Split.”

“I do intend on making a final ‘Unbreakable’ movie and I’m intending on doing it next,” Shyamalan told Uproxx. “It’s the final movie of these two movies put together.”

Damn. It’ll be interesting to not only see where the “Unbreakable” story goes next, but just how James McAvoy’s multiple personality, kinda mutant-y Kevin factors into everything. Shyamalan has certainly set himself a very high bar to clear, so let’s hope he can clear it.

Thoughts? Do you think “Split” nicely sets the stage for “Unbreakable 2”? Let us know in the comments section.