Ever since “True Detective” season 2 wrapped up in 2015, it’s been a question mark about whether or not HBO would return for another series. After a dip in quality from season one to season two, the network wasn’t in a particular rush, and at one time it looked like creator Nic Pizzolatto would be launching a different series entirely under his deal at HBO. However, this spring the wheels starting moving seriously when it was revealed that Deadwood” creator David Milch had joined the writing staff of “True Detective” season 3, and now a cast is being lined up.

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The Tracking Board reports that the great Mahershala Ali (“Moonlight,” “House Of Cards“) is close to signing a deal for “True Detective.” What else can we tell you? Well, that’s about it. As per usual, details are being kept close to the chest for now. However, one does wonder if Matthew McConaughey might be reviving Rust Cohle, as he’s talked with Pizzolatto about playing the character again, and made it clear he’d love to do it.

There’s no word on an air date, but it’s probably safe to say that if things are coming together, “True Detective” season 3 will shoot this year and air sometime in 2018. The show would certainly act as a welcome placeholder on HBO’s schedule if the final season of “Game Of Thrones” doesn’t arrive until 2019.