Get ready Disney/Marvel/Star Wars nerds, your minds are about to explode.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was a guest on this week’s “The Star Wars Show” to, of course, discuss “Avengers: Infinity War,” but mainly to geek out over his deep love for the galaxy far, far away. So, while he does make sure to talk about the upcoming film, it’s fun to watch the head honcho of Marvel Studios actually become a “Star Wars” nerd for a few minutes.

And because of Feige’s deep love of “Star Wars,” he admits that if it wasn’t for the franchise, then the Marvel Cinematic Universe would probably never exist. First, he says that his adoration of George Lucas’ original trilogy influenced his wanting to even attempt the MCU because prior to working on these films, he didn’t have a deep knowledge of Marvel.

“I knew these types of characters. I didn’t know as much as I know now, but I knew I wanted to work on these types of movies. Mainly because of [‘Star Wars’],” admits Feige.

He then talks about how, even though Marvel Studios is confident now, they didn’t start that way. But what he learned from Lucas all those years ago, watching the classic trilogy, helped guide him through the creation of the MCU.

“And we weren’t supremely confident. We just had beliefs, had ideas of how we could bring Tony Stark to the screen and believe that the marquee name was the character. And over the years, the actors have become marquee names…but at the time, we really believed, ‘Let’s just find the best actors for the parts.’ Not dissimilar from a little movie from 40 years ago that found new actors that became icons and stars,” Feige explains, throwing in yet another “Star Wars” mention.

He even snuck a little “Star Wars” Easter Egg into the upcoming ‘Infinity War.’ During the interview, Feige confirms that he took the new Marvel Studio title card, which says “The First Ten Years,” directly from the 1987 “Star Wars” anniversary text, which said the same thing. “As we were saying, ‘Let’s celebrate our 10th anniversary,’ and I was trying to coming up with a tagline, we just stole it from the ‘Star Wars’ anniversary,” says the Marvel Studios president.

Overall, as we’re used to seeing Feige talk all things Marvel, it was nice to see him truly talk about something he loves from his childhood, “Star Wars.” Makes you wonder if Disney could ever convince him to ditch the superheroes for a trip to the other mega-franchise.