Filmmaker Michel Gondry is a very unique artist in an industry that tends to favor risk-averseness. That probably explains why the filmmaker isn’t constantly attached to major blockbusters (especially after “The Green Hornet”). And his unique style and approach to filmmaking is also an explanation for why he’s spent the majority of the last couple of years creating an animated film specifically for his daughter.

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In an interview with French outlet, Society Magazine, Gondry updated his COVID-19 (coronavirus) quarantine plans by explaining what he’s been keeping busy with in recent weeks. And unsurprisingly, Gondry does have a film he’s working on. However, it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

While he doesn’t give much information about the project, the filmmaker has said that the global pandemic hasn’t really affected his work output as much as people might expect, as he’s been working on a new animated project for his daughter over the last couple of years. He calls the project his main occupation over that time.

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Sure, it seems a bit crazy to think that Gondry is working by himself on a project, but this wouldn’t be the first time that the filmmaker has made an animated film by himself. Let’s just say that he doesn’t require a huge team like a Pixar project. Back in 2013, Gondry released the film, “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?” which is an animated documentary about Noam Chomsky, which was made completely by the filmmaker.

Gondry’s most recent film/TV work has been on the Showtime series, “Kidding,” which stars Jim Carrey. Before that, his last feature film is the 2015 project, “Microbe & Gasoline.”

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Obviously, we’ll keep an eye out to see if Gondry has more to say about the project in the future, but for now, we know that he’s working on a new animated project and that’s good enough to get us interested.